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​Both shrubs and trees are used to create hedges in a garden. They can give your outdoor area a very stylish and luxurious look. We can plant shrubs or trees for you, but we can also maintain existing hedges. Do you need to remove a tree? We are also here to help you with that.

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    Shrubs and tree planting

    The difference between shrubs and trees is that shrubs are perennial woody plants. The are usually shorter than trees (below 8m) and they have multiple stems. The are great for creating hedges and can be trimmed in many different shapes. Most shrubs do not have a main trunk like trees, and if they do have them, they tend to be short. This occurs, since most stems branch below ground level. Shrubs come in many different structural forms and there is a big distinction in the amount of maintenance, space and sunlight shrubs require. Subshrubs are often used to divide your garden, since these reach a maximum height of two meters. This height is often not reached, due to pruning as well as environmental living conditions. Larger shrubs are mostly chosen to create a hedge, however, you can also use trees for this. Our professionals at Landscaping Derby can support you in your choices.

    Picture of a neat cut headge where you can see a sphere hedge above it
    Picture of a driveway of gravel where trees are used to mark the boundary

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    Preferably, people are looking for a hedge which remains green throughout the year. ​Not all shrubs and trees keep their leaves in winter time and others do keep their leaves, however, loose their green colour. Another aspect which is important to look at is the soil. Different shrubs and trees require different soils to grow on and at Landscaping Derby we can support you to make the right decision for your exterior area. Once a choice is made, we will give you the knowledge on how to maintain your hedges to keep them healthy. Alternatively we can maintain them for you. Whether you would like a hedge, a centrepiece tree, are looking for more privacy or shade in your garden, give us a call to get our support. Our experts are available for you to answer all your questions and come by for a free survey to design a beautiful garden with hedges and trees.

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