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You do not have a garden, but you do have a roof terrace? Or maybe you have both. We do design and execute roof terrace designs. No matter the size, we can make your terrace your favourite place to be.

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    Designing a roof terrace

    Many people consider a roof terrace as a little garden. This is only partially true. Yes, it is that relaxing outdoor space which many of us require, however there are a lot of differences as well.  With a roof terrace other regulations apply and not all roofs are strong enough for every design. We will have a look at your property and together we can make a design which you will love. Landscaping Derby can create a roof terrace which is relaxing, minimal, modern or anything else which suits your taste.

    Picture of a roof terrace with decking. On this deck you can see lounge chairs with blue pillows. There is a pergola over the furniture with linnen covers.

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    Some people have the luxury of a big roof terrace, others only have a small outdoor area. We treat every project similar and take pride in both small and big accomplishments. To make a small terrace look big is an art which we master. Different material use and lighting can give a roof terrace a warm yet spacious look.  Together we will have a look at the possibilities for your roof terrace. Do you want decking, tiles or a water feature, everything is possible as long as your roof is constructed for the weight.
    We can make your roof garden the social space, the outdoor work area, or the calm and refreshing garden you need.
    Landscaping Derby has lots of experience with roof gardens and we manage to create something unique everytime. Just give us a call and we can pass by for the free survey.

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