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Landscape ponds or fountains can be a great addition to your landscape design and really brings your garden to the next level. Landscaping Derby has all the skills and knowledge to create a beautifully designed water feature to your property. It will bring an element of serenity and you will enjoy the sound of water and birds singing while enjoying your pond. Any water feature is pleasant to the eyes in a way which is difficult to achieve with other landscaping elements.

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    Pond and fountain services

    Our professionals can create a water fountain or pond exactly to your preferences. No matter how big or small the project is, we are up for it. A fountain can be a stand alone feature in your garden or can be part of a pond. The pond can be designed in such a way that it appears to be natural or it can be modern. You can create a living water garden to enjoy for a long time.

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    Garden DesignPonds:
    ​Building a custom pond is not an easy task, but at Landscaping Derby we have the expertise in house. We can advise you on the size of the pond and the work it involves. Many people believe a pond should not be too big to avoid for any excessive water usage, however once the pond is filled it does not use as much water as a normal landscape area like grass or plants anymore. It doesn't matter what your choice is about the size, a pond always will have a huge positive impact on the looks of your garden.
    A pond, like a fountain needs many equipment, like pumps, filters, skimmers, liners and maybe you even prefer lighting, which we all can provide and install for you. Up to your preferences we can even install a waterfall as well. There are some benefits to a waterfall. The create water flows and provide oxygen rich are to the pond. This will allow fish to thrive and give algae a harder time to grow.
    Another important element of a pond are plants. This will upgrade your plain landscape pond to a vibrant water garden. Plants in a pond are just as important as plants in a normal garden, or maybe even more important, since they play an important role in the ecosystem of your water garden.
    Lastly, we would like to add some fish, to make your pond really alive. We can help you to create that special environment fish need to be able to stay alive. 

    Ponds and fountains do need some additional material which other landscaping features don't require. This makes it easier to schedule building a water element when your garden is being redesigned. But by no means should this withold you to plan for your water garden in your existing outdoor space. Our landscaping team can complete the project with the least amount of interuption. It goes without saying that the surroundings will be restored completely. 

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