​If you are in search of ideas on how to make your small garden uniquely yours, read on.
Most people outsource their landscaping to professionals, but if you are a part of the select few who love to mess around with the fine details of landscape design then we have got your covered. For those who would rather not get their hands dirty, and are in need of a garden designer or landscaper in Derby, you can reach out to us.
With no further ado, here are some ideas on how to spice up your small garden.


​If you have a vertical space (a wall, fence) within your gardens, lucky you, you can transform that vertical space into a marvel of greenery. Those vertical spaces can accommodate small plant pots and baskets. If you feel more adventurous, you can create patterns and designs in your vertical space using leaves, branches, or other plant parts.


​Instead of just having your garden serve one purpose, you could make the most out of your garden space and have it appear larger than it actually is. To do this, divide your garden into different sections. Each section should serve a unique purpose. For example, you could have a lounge area for hosting guests, a section for flowers, another section for larger plants, and so on.


​This is in line with the previous tip. Your entire garden doesn’t have to be one flat surface. Play with the different levels. Different sections of your gardens can be on different levels. You could have a sunken area, or a raised area, depending on what you fancy.


​Again, this tip is in line with the previous two. A great way to ‘separate’ the different sections of your garden is to use different materials for the floors of the different sections. This will make your garden space feel more interesting and much bigger.


Furniture offers a great blend of function and style. Instead of choosing a bland and uninspiring color for your outdoor furniture, why not go for colors that pop and make a statement. You don’t have to match the color of the different furniture pieces, go crazy, it’s your garden after all. If this is a bit too much for you, you can always decide to just add colour by changing the pillows or other accessories near your seating area.


Indoor-outdoor spaces are catching on. Most modern homes have a room or two that flow seamlessly from the indoors into the outdoors. You too can apply this in your home. You can make your garden more like an extension of a room in your home. A few pieces of furniture, decorative lights, and plants should do the trick.


The windows that open directly into your yard also offer an opportunity for creativity. If your kitchen window opens directly into your yard, you can grow herbs that you use from time to time. If your bedroom window opens to the garden, you can wake up to a view of blooming flowers. These can all be achieved with the help of window boxes.


Gone are the days when you had to till the soil and plant crops to get a garden. Today, all you need to build a lush and beautiful garden are pots. Planting in pots is great as it gives you more flexibility (important for small gardens) and is easier to maintain.


A hammock can make your garden feel like one of the coziest spots on the planet. If you have a spot hidden in the shade of a tree or other buildings for most of the day, a hammock can go there.
There you have it guys, these are some really great ideas on how you can make your garden into a masterpiece. If you need any help in making your unique vision for your garden into a reality, be sure to reach out to us. Our ground clearing and planting service in Derby is at your beck and call 24/7.

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