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Garden walls can give you your outdoor living space where you can relax. They can give you privacy and reduce any external noise. Walling, however, is much more than just a boundary of your perimeter. Landscaping Derby primarily uses walling to effect changing levels in your garden. The walling will compliment your driveway or garden paving.

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    Garden wall services

    A wall can create an incredibly attractive atmosphere to your outdoor area. Again, here we look at long lasting materials which can be chosen in various colours and styles and we use edging, coping and kerbs to finish of your walling.
    To finish this off we often use decorative stones and gravel. They are beautiful to border a path or to use for bedding coverage.
    We have a wide selection of walling, both of natural stone as well as reconstituted (man-made) stone products.

    Picture of a garden wall where different types of red bricks were used

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    Natural stones blocks are more irregular in size and shape, which are often used around older properties or in rural areas. They give a very rustic appearance to a property.
    Man-made or Reconstituted stone walling is mainly manufactured from limestone. It appears to have the same irregularity as a natural stone, however they do have consistent dimensions, which allows for easy construction as if it were a normal brick.

    Next to complete walling we also provide Cladding. The meaning of this is that you use an original wall and place the cladding against it to make it appear completely different. There are several types of cladding available.

    • Slate Stack Walling Cladding
    • Porcelain Cladding

    This type of walling has gained a lot of popularity over the years. You can use them on an existing wall or if you do not have the wall yet, you can use inexpensive concrete blocks, which will be faced with the Slate Stack wall cladding to create a piece of art.

    Before we can start your walling project we need to
    Come by your property for a free survey. Our expert will have a look at the changes you desire and if you want to use cladding he will check if this is possible. Measurements will be taken and he is always available to answer any questions you have.
    Once the survey is done, we will sent a quote about the scope of work to you as soon as possible.
    If you agree with what we offer, we will be delighted to schedule an appointment with you to start the walling project.

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