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Are you looking to re-design your garden? You might have been hunting for the best garden landscaping ideas to spruce up your home for a while now. And all you have been dreaming of is turning your garden into a little paradise complete with ponds and fountains, jaw-dropping walkways, and super-gorgeous trees and lawns. But what is actually feasible and how do you get the most out of your garden for a reasonable budget? If you are not sure where to start, our Derby landscaping design service is the perfect option for you! Our professional garden designers have done this for years and are looking forward to make your garden the gem of the neighbourhood!

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    Professional garden design team

    At Landscaping Derby we have garden designers who can help you with any project. Our experts have a lot of knowledge and creativity and with these skills they can create something beautiful and unique every time. We would love to hear your ideas and dreams to incorporate them in our designs. We encourage you to take part of the designing process to allow our professionals to create something stunning for you. If you do not have any ideas yet, don't worry about it. Together we can view the gallery of our previous projects or you can already get some inspiration from magazines to help you get an idea of what you are looking for.

    Picture of a garden where different materials were used. On the left side there are flower bng oxes with rusted steel plating and lights on them. In the center there is a square flower box made out of aluminium and small stone cladding. There is a small patch of turf to the right with a wooden shed. The shed roof is covered with plants

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    Garden plan layout

    Derby landscaping provides many services and within our designs we can incorporate all of them. We can create the layout of your garden and also include lightingplanting and material use in these plans. Do you want something which you do not find back in our services? Give us a call and we can discuss your options. Garden Designers in Derby have an innovative and creative reputation and we strive to improve ourselves on a daily basis.

    Having a high quality outdoor living space can increase the value of your property and also increase your quality of life. Being outside is healthy and it will give you a good start of the day and a relaxing end. Landscaping Derby is not shy of hard work and challenges and we will always see our commitment through. So if you are not 100% satisfied with the design, speak up and we will modify it until you are happy with it.

    Is it not your back or frontyard you want a design for, but another property? Just let us know. We provide landscape designs for:

    • Residential landscapes and gardens
    • Holiday home landscapes and garden
    • School landscapes and garden
    • Commercial landscapes and gardens
    A garden plan designed by a garden architect with a patio, furniture, a walkway and sofscaping

    What's next?

    Before we can start on your design
    We will come by your house and view the project. We will discuss your preferences, take measurements and give you insight of our ideas. If you have a certain budget available, we will adjust the design to meet this. We will always give value for your money.

    After the survey we will work out the design and send it to you for review. If you believe the project is just too big to complete at once, we can divide the plan in logical steps, so that you can upgrade your garden in your preferred pace.

    If you agree with our plan and accomponied quote we can start planning the execution. It will be our honour to make your outdoor living space a 'little' gem.

    Should I hire a garden designer?

    Wheater you would like to hire a garden designer or not, is fully up to you. Garden Designers in Derby are open to customers who have very specific ideas of what they want already, and customers who rather have us draw something for them. But sometimes fresh eyes can allow for other creative solutions and new ideas. At Landscaping Derby we know that we can always create something beautiful. Whether your garden or outdoor space is big or small, needs a complete new design or just minor adjustments, we are here for you. With a free visit we can explain you everything we do and design something you love.

    We work together with other landscaping companies to share techniques and trends. Please check them out:

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