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A fence or a gate can really increase value to your property. This can be value in the sense of security, noise reduction, privacy and off course also the overall net value of your house. Fences and gates come in different sizes and shapes and we would love to help you choose the right one for you.

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    Fence Panels

    There is a wide range of fencing available and this will turn your garden into a beautiful outdoor living space. It can create more privacy, reduce noise and give a warm touch to your outdoor area.
    Fencing comes in all shapes and sizes as well as in all colours and materials. We can discuss together where your preferences lay to give your garden that unique look you are looking for.

    Picture of green fence. You can see stones laying in front of it and a small part of the synthetic turf

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    We will remove old fences and replace it with new ones, taking care of the quality and protection in order that your fence will last a long time to come.
    Have you ever considered using a fence as a partition or to protect your flower beds or vegetable patches? We will show you some unique examples, which allows you to make your dream garden come true.
    Do you have different wishes? Do you need fencing to create security, contain your pets or children on the property? We have a solution for all your wishes.
    We can provide you with fences and gates which will complement your garden and house and will suit every budget and style. 
    A few types of garden fencing we service

    • Garden screening
    • Garden fence panels
    • Picket fences
    • Bamboo screening
    • Bamboo fencing
    • Willow screening

    To place your garden fencing we need to take a few steps first. 

    • We will start with a free onsite survey where we can discuss all your wishes, take measurements and our expert can determine what is needed to complete the job.
    • After a few days you will receive a quote from us, which will include the full price, including materials and installation.
    • If you agree with the quote, we will start planning a convenient date for you to install your fence. We will complete the project and take any old material with us in order that you can start enjoying it strait away.

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