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​Maybe you love your garden, but you don't have all the knowledge about gardening. If you want exterior plants, you have to consider a lot. Every plant is different and therefore they all have their own requirements. Let Landscaping Derby help you with your gardening. Our trustworthy team can enhance your garden with beautiful plants.

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    Outdoor planting services

    Plants can make your garden shine. They come in different shapes and colours and there is nothing as beautiful as a blooming garden. It happens often that you buy new plants and place them in your garden, but no matter how much effort you put in them, they still die. Landscaping Derby has a lot of knowledge about plants and also about the Derby weather. Our team will take of your trees, shrubs, flower and plants and will make sure they get the right position, nutrition and protection. We can give you advise about the regular care your plants require and we can schedule regular visits for plant maintenance.

    Picture of a newly designed garden where flower boxes are made out of steel, aluminium and stone strips. New plants were just placed in these boxes

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    Please let us know what you find important and leave the rest to us. Are you looking for a lot of colour, shade or you just want to have a healthy looking garden, we are here to support you. We can plant pretty much everything in your garden. From plants, flowers, seeds, hedges and trees. Exterior Planting in Derby have the knowledge and expertise to give each of the new plants the perfect condition to grow.
    Do you want the exact opposite? You already have the plants or a tree and you want to move them or remove them​ entirely. We can also support you with this.
    Give us a call and we can schedule a free visit to discuss all the possibilities.

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