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​Landscaping Derby has all the professionals to create a perfect deck for you. Extend your house by creating a deck which perfectly fits with it. We will advise you on material, maintenance and safety regulations to let you enjoy your deck without any worries.

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    Deck design ideas

    Wood or timber decking can really give the warm touch to your garden. It can be used to extend the living area of your house and you can easily be covered by a pergola or a canopy. This allows for some shade in your garden or provide a support for climbing plants. The decking can really improve your lifestyle since it allows for parties, an outdoor cooking area, a dining area and many more. The deck is often slightly above the ground which makes it perfect to cover uneven patches or other unsightly elements, like drain covers. Decking can provide easier access over uneven or difficult terrain, regardless of the weather.

    Picture of a white house with a large wooden deck in front of it. The deck is on the same level as the lawn and is completely empty

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    When Landscaping Derby completes your deck, you can start using it right away. Almost all type of furniture can go on the deck and the beauty of it is that if you change your mind about your furniture or your garden after a few years and the decking doesn’t meet your expectations anymore you can easily change or extend it.

    Since decking is mostly made from natural wood it does require some maintenance after a certain amount of time. We will make sure we give you all the advice you need on maintaining your deck or we can even do this for you.
    But if this is not the option for you, we can also provide decking from other materials. You can choose the following material options

    • Timber
    • Hardwood
    • Composite
    • Plastic

    Deck Installation Process
    If you choose Derby Landscaping we will make sure we give you a practical and safe deck in combination with a stunning design. Even if you are not sure yet where or how you want your deck to be placed, don't worry about it. Landscaping Derby can guide you through the entire process.

    • Decking Services in Derby will start with a survey where we will examine where the decking will be constructed. Here we will take all your wishes into account and we will discuss about the different material options or any other questions you might have.
    • Within a few days you will receive a quote from us, which will be without any hidden costs. The quote will include the entire project from material to installations.
    • If you want to move forward after this, we will discuss a convenient time for you to start the installation.
    • Lastly we will build the deck. Decking Services in Derby will level and clear the area where the deck will be placed if necessary. If required, we will place an anti weed membrane on the location of the deck to prevent any weed from growing underneath it. When this is completed we will start with construction a base for the deck, which will then lead to building the actual deck. After this the only thing left is for you to enjoy your new living space.

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