Artificial Grass Derby

Artificial grass is extremely durable and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. However the choice is enormous and the laying or artificial grass can be tricky. At Landscaping Derby we have all the knowledge in house and we are happy to help you make the right choice. Rather do it yourself? No problem, check out our guide below.

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    Why, artificial grass?

    Artificial grass or synthetic turf comes with a lot of benefits. There is only one small downside and that is that it doesn't smell like actual grass. However this is easy to forget if you look at all the advantages. Artificial grass is kids friendly, looks fantastic in every season of the year, doesn't get muddy, doesn't need to be mowed or fertilized and it is easy to clean. With all this in mind it only makes sense that fake grass is becoming more popular with every year, especially in rainy Derby.

    Picture of a garden where a patch of synthetic turf is placed. Around it there is paving and at the back there is a garden wall where the top is replaced with wooden fencing

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    Artificial grass comes in many different qualities and colours. You will be surprised how many different types of green there are once you have to decide on the synthetic turf you want. Lower quality fake grass can easily loose its colour or the blades of grass. This will only result in a waste of effort and money. Next to this the artificial grass can feel different. Some fake grasses feel soft and comfortable while others synthetic and hard. You would like to have a fake lawn which doesn't come loose or heats up extremely during the warm hours of the day. Here we would like to help you with your decision. At Landscaping Derby our experts have all the knowledge about types of synthetic turf and how to lay it. We can give you the required advice in order that you can enjoy your fake lawn for a very long time.
    Before we can lay artificial grass

    • We will come to your house for a free survey. We can look at the different options and you can show your garden to our expert. Measurements will be taken and any questions you have will be addressed. 
    • After the survey we will get a quote to you in a few days. This will cover all the costs of materials and installation of your fake grass. 
    • If you agree with the price we will allign on a suitable date for the artificial lawn istallation. 

    To lay your fake grass we need to level the ground if necessary and clear it from vegetation and other debris.
    We will make sure weed has no chance to grow through your new lawn by using a membrane on the ground.
    Lastly, we will install your selected synthetic grass in a professional manner and you can start using it.
    So what will you do first? Host a barbecue. Play soccer with your kids. Or just lay on it and enjoy that you will never have a yellow patch in your lawn again. Enjoy! 

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