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​Have you typed in the internet: 'landscaper near me', or 'landscaping near me'? Well, you have found us. We are a team of professional landscapers in Derby who take pride in their work! We can only be happy with our result if our customer is 100% satisfied. We guarantee you our full commitment and will provide top notch service at all times. We do not only provide Landscaping in Derby but in the entire of Derbyshire and surrounding. Our experts are ready to make your garden into a dream come true. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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    Serious about landscaping

    Landscaping is an art - and we consider ourselves as the perfect artists! Landscaping Derby takes a lot of pride from their work and we will only be satisfied if our costumers are satisfied. Our professional landscapers in Derby have a lot of experience in both gardening and landscaping and we use this combined knowledge in every single project we commit to. Landscaping Derby is always available for their clients and we believe customer service is one of the most important aspects of our work. We do not believe our job is completed once the initial project is done, but we continue our after-sale service in order that our customers can enjoy their outdoor living area for many more years to come.
    Furthermore we understand that every project is unique and every client has unique wishes. Our professional landscapers in Derbyshire will therefore sit together with the customers to make sure they meet all of their requirements. We encourage customers to take part in the design and implementation so that our team can ensure all the expectations are met.

    Picture of a herringbone walkway from bricks with exterior path lamps for illumination
    Relaxing composite deck in a Derby backyard with a lounge chair a couch and a hammock chair

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    Why hire Derby Landscaping

    • We have a team of hard-working, dedicated, and, experienced landscaping professionals, who are capable of making your visions and dreams come true.
    • Free consultation is offered to every client to make sure they understand how we view their case. The client can than make decisions based on this information. We can give a good overview of the scope of work and the related costs so that the client doesn't receive any unexpected news.
    • We are fully transparent about our services and we do not have any hidden costs.
    • We put our customers always in the first place. You will get all your questions answered and we will provide you with all the advice you require. Only if you are happy, we are happy as well.
    • You worry you don’t have the correct budget? Nothing to worry about. The budget can be taking into account when tailoring a plan.
    • We guarantee fast services without reducing the quality of our work.
    • We have a wide variety of landscaping services. We can finish a project from a to z so you do not have to arrange different contractors. We are capable of the hardscaping (working with bricks, stones, wooden boards) and softscaping (planting shrubs, tree maintenance and soil preparation and care). This means that paving, decking, fencing, exterior planting and turfing are all taking care of by us.
    • We will create a pleasant environment for you, your family and anybody else you want to invite to your new living space.
    • A beautiful garden will increase the value of your property. Landscaping is a hot item for estate agents.
    • peaceful garden is a peaceful mind. Trees, shrubs and hedges can block any exterior noise which will give you the quit area you require.
    • We like a challenge. The current state of your outdoor space does not matter, we can always make a swan of an ugly duckling. Please trust us to design and execute your dreams.

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    Benefit Of Landscaping Your Garden by Derby Landscaping

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    Services we provide​ ​

    Are you looking for a good paver in Derby, you have found them. Our professional landscapers have years of experience with paving patio's, walkways, and even driveways. The same is true for installing a new wall. We are experienced placing walls using all sorts of materials.

    Having a nice green lawn can really enhance your enjoyment of your garden. Every outdoor space deserves this beautiful green patch all year round. Our landscapers in Derby can help you with getting this. We are experience turf layers in Derby and are ready to help you. We know the tips and tricks to get this ever so desired green grass. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

    A fence or a gate can give you the security you need as well as safety. Do you have pets or kids and you want to be sure they don't wander off and get hurt? Derby Landscaping fencing services always have the right solutions for you. We can lay out all the options and are always ready to install your gate or fence with the highest quality.

    Designing your garden can have many benefits and does not have to be bank breaking. Our Derby garden designers are experts when it comes to combining beauty and budget. Derby Landscapers pride themselves for using innovative and creative techniques to get the most out of every garden.

    Are you looking for all year green plants? Or would you like to bring some colour to your garden? At Derby Landscaping we have all the knowledge inhouse. We can plant your garden in such a way that every plant feels comfortable and gets the space, sunlight and conditions it requires.

    Did you just move to a house where the garden looks like a mess? Or maybe your garden is overgrown because you never had the time for it. At Derby Landscaping we have our Derby ground clearance services who will clean your garden and take all the rubbish with them. It just can't get any easier.

    A deck can give you an area to barbeque, sit together with family and friends or allows you to relax after a stressful day. Our Derby landscapers have placed many decks in Derby and surroundings already with many happy costumers. Give yourself that space you deserve.

    Can you lay artificial grass yourself? Yes, you can. Is it advisable? Not so much! Our professional artificial lawn layers in Derby are fast, deliver high quality work and are affordable. So, why do it yourself? It takes time, you need to invest in equipment, and if done wrong you loose a lot of money. Read more to decide the best option for yourself.

    A hedge can give your garden that very well maintained look without the disadvantages of the continuous maintenance. At Landscaping Derby we use shrubs and trees to create hedges and can give you all the tips and tricks for a green garden all year round. Still not convinced? Our Derby Landscaper professionals can even maintain them for you.

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