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Derby Landscaping company can complete any softscaping or hardscaping garden project. Our professional landscapers can make your garden shine again! Do you need us, just not for your garden? We provide domestic and commercial services for any type of landscape. Weather it is an office area, restaurant, driveway installation or a complete park we would love to talk to you.

Do you need any work done on your outdoor living area? We are always available to support you with any landscaping services like pavingturfingfencing, and much more. Please let us help you get your dream garden! We do not only provide landscaping in Derby, but in the entire of Derbyshire and surroundings. We are flexible landscapers and are willing to go that extra mile for our clients. Just call us to experience our top notch service and price.

If you planned something for your garden but you do not find this in our provided services, don't give up your idea. You can call us anytime to discuss the possibilities. We are sure we can help you with your project.

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    Professional Landscapers

    If you are looking to upgrade or modify your outside area or if you just want to change one element of it, you are at the right place. We support customers, in and around Derby, while designing the garden up to your preferences. At Derby Landscaping we find it extremely important that you feel at home in your backyard and that your house and garden live in harmony. We treat every outdoor space as if it is our own and this ensures that we put a lot of care in any project, no matter how small or big it is.
    Our landscapers in Derby support both people with a clear idea already as well as people who did not think of it at all, yet. It doesn't matter if you like gardening or not, we can support you with any question you have. We train each and every landscaper in our team to have an allround knowledge and we challenge them to come up with new ideas and designs which make our customers fall in love with their back yard again. We believe every outdoor space in Derby deserves this.

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    Derby Landscaping services

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    Soft and Hardscaping landscapers

    At Derby Landscaping we strive to always create a beautiful place, also if you have a courtyard or a roof terrace. We will listen to you and together we will come up with a new yard design which makes you 100% satisfied.
    If you are looking for a modern style, mix old and new, a playful design or something very cosy, we can deliver it. Our goal is to surprise you with what your property has hidden for you all this time. 
    ​So what does this mean? A landscape design? We do not focus only on your back yard. It can also be your driveway or your front yard or any other exterior area. We provide many types of landscaping services, both softscaping and hardscaping. We enjoy combining different types of materials to create a special feeling with a unique look.

    With Derby landscapers the sky is the limit, and we will together have a look at the best design. Did you always dream about a fountain in your backyard? Or even a small pond or waterfall? Do you want a cosy terrace to enjoy the sun as long as possible, even in wintertime? Do you require some grass for the kids or grandchildren to play? Or do you just need a nice place to sit, but do not want a lot of maintenance? We will make sure we combine all your wishes and make your Derby yard a real eye-cather. In order to stay creative we have a cooperation with other landscapers around the globe. We have even used some Texas landscaping ideas to go that extra mile and work together with Landscape gardeners Northampton.

    So are your looking for the best landscapers in Derby with many outdoor landscaping ideas and activities, than call us now, so we can prove our reputation to you. 

    Artificial grass laying services

    Automatic irrigation system

    Driveway paving service

    Exterior lamps along a walkway for safety and appearance

    Grass laying services

    Modern garden design

    Wooden fencing services

    Block paving services for patios and driveways

    Vertical garden created with plants in pots

    Garden makeover tips

    We love designing new gardens and are always happy to take on a project where we can use our creative mind to draw the perfect garden for you. This said, there are many costumers who have a clear idea of what they want and we can only encourage you to express your wishes and thoughts. Are main goal is to make you 100% satisfied with your garden for the next decades. If you plan to make a sketch of your dream garden, but you do not know where to start we would like to give you a few tips. These same tips we use when we create garden plan. 

    • Draw a sketch of your garden and add the features which will certainly remain: a tall tree, a wall or a pond
    • Mark key features of your garden in the plan: Hills, privacy issues, which area gets sunlight, or which is always in the shade
    • If you have the basic layout, it is wise to make a few copies so you can test several ideas
    • Write down all your goals: Do you want a place to eat, relax, a safe place for your kids to play or any other wish you have.
    • If you have your goals, add them to the plan, starting with the largest elements first: Patio, deck, pond, pergola etc. 
    • Try to combine the style of your house to your garden to keep your entire property cohesive: Traditional house can have a variety of garden styles, whereas a modern house tends to fit better with clean lines and simple geometric forms.
    • Plants are important for your garden style: Do you plant them in clean lines or use curbs which look more natural. 
    • Pick a few colours which work together, but combine different texture and styles: Layer them with the tallest plants in the back and the smallest at the front. Keep the size of the plant in mind when it will be mature. 
    • Keep in mind that perennial plants grow back every season, whereas annuals need to be planted every year again. 
    • A quick additional tip: Planting tend to look better when they are in odd numbers. 
    • A wider bush or plant can be used at the corners of your house to soften them. Just don't plant them too close to your house to prevent damage from roots or branches. 
    • Hedges or fences are a good option if privacy is an issue. 
    • The next item to add are pathways: Concrete or pavers are more formal, crushed gravel or stepping stones are more natural if that is what you prefer. 
    • A pond or water feature can give a garden a beautiful natural element and is perfect for fish and plants or attracting insects and butterflies. A waterfall or fountain gives a calm and relaxing sound. A statue or table top fountain are perfect for small gardens. 
    • Highlighting your elements with landscape lighting: Spotlights or up lights for trees, floodlights for beds and path lights for your walkways. This will illuminate your garden for nighttime enjoyment. 
    • The most important tip is to do what makes you happy and which you will enjoy the most!!!

    A few items to keep in mind are maintenance and budget when designing you plant.
    Are you still not sure where to start? Our landscape designers are happy to help you or draw a plan for you. You can contact us anytime to remodel your garden and we will keep your goals and wishes always in mind when creating the layout. 



    Derby Landscaping did a beautiful job on our backyard. They worked fast, were very professional, and had great ideas on how to best use our space.

    Alfie Dawson

    Derby Landscaping made it easy to get exactly what I wanted. The whole process was smooth and the work was completed on schedule; I couldn't be happier with the results.

    Hanley Clem

    Responsive, friendly, and consistent. They always do a great job!

    Cary Franklin

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    Benefit Of Landscaping Your Garden by Derby Landscaping

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    Landscaping service Derby

    Paving can be used in your backyard, your driveway or any other area around the house. It can create harmony between your house and your outside area. Some of our services are walkways, patio laying and many more. We can advise you on the material and quality to get the look you always wanted.

    Do you want the beautiful lawn which you always see in magazines? Look no further... We can create just this for you. We have the knowledge in house to lay turfing in just the right way at any time of the year. We will make sure your soil is well prepared for its new turf and we will provide you with the maintenance plan in how to keep your grass as green as it should be.

    A fence can really improve your living quality. It can provide you the privacy you need, it will reduce noise interference and it can give you security. It is therefore an important aspect of your property. With our expertise we can guide you to make the right fence or gate choice.

    If you have an outside living space and you are just not satisfied with it, but don't know how to change it, we are there for you. With your wishes in mind we can design a brand new garden for you where you certainly will feel at home.

    The amount of choices you have for walling is immense. Do you want to have bricks, natural stones or coping stones and caps, we can provide it to you. Walling can create a cohesive outdoor area. We will support you in every step of the way in order that you get the walling which suits your tastes, budget and style.

    Do you have waste in your garden which you want to get cleaned? We clean all ground sites off rubbish, old furniture, bio waste and many more. We have all the tools required to get your outdoor space cleared in a short time. It is the easiest way to make your exterior area empty again.

    A deck can really bring warmth to your living space due to the beautiful colour which wood brings along. Our expert landscapers in Derby have all the knowledge of building a safe deck even if it is elevated. Let us help you pick the right material and design in order that you can enjoy your deck for many years to come.

    Water always create serenity and a peaceful area. Do you want your landscaped are to have a pond, at Derby Landscaping we can design and install it for you. We even have experience with actual waterfalls. Enjoy the relaxing sound of falling water.

    Lamps and lighting are chosen for several reasons. Do you require them for safety, security or because you want to create a beautiful atmosphere in your back yard? We have all the options available for you and our outdoor light service team can install them anytime you want.

    If you want the perfect looking lawn, but you just don't have the time to maintain it, synthetic grass might be the solution for you. Laying artificial grass has to be done properly in order to make it look just as the real deal and to allow it to keep that look for years. Our artificial grass laying service in Derby will help you choose the perfect colour and quality and will install it just as required.

    We can advise you about the right plants to choose to make sure that your external living space looks stunning all year round. We will plant everything is such a way that they is enough space for each plant to grow and that plants receive the amount of water and sunshine they require to stay healthy. ​

    Shrubs and trees can be used as hedges to divide or barrier your garden, protect your plants and give the stylish look to your outdoor living area which make all your friends jealous. Our professional landscapers provide a hedge trimming service and are willing to teach you how to do this as well. There are many options which we all can discuss with you, so that we can create a stunning outdoor area for you.

    If for any reason we are fully booked, we would like to redirect you to some of our expert colleagues in Derby. Robins Nest Landscapers and Brightday Landscapers are providing excellent results.

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